Our Company

Our Company
ZER was established in 1994 and has as main business the import, sale - purchase - exchange of mobile telephones, smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs and mobile phone accessories as well as the exclusive disposal of unsurpassed ZER products.


Our specialty is to provide you with safe and reliable new and second-hand products that have passed all the technical checks before reaching your hands. These products are available for sale either through physical stores or at a distance (telephone orders or through zer.gr) at unbeatable prices. We also buy products and pay you cash without having to buy or exchange with another product.

At our central store there is a service level 5 department that undertakes repair on any kind of mobile phone, laptop, tablet.
We are the first and best in what we do because we simply have the know-how to do it well !!!

Our multi-year presence in the telecom and electronics business has ensured for you selected products of excellent quality, always accompanied by warranty and support, and always at the lowest market prices.