Refurbished products are the most powerful models (previous years) of top manufacturers which you can get at very low prices compared to their original price.

Refurbished products have been used for at least 1 month and at most 2 years, have never been damaged and have not been repaired. The only intervention from us is to change the hard drive or memory.

All refurbished products are covered by a 3-month warranty of good operation with a commitment of repair or replacement (with the same or corresponding product depending on availability).

Our products are tested and work flawlessly, but may show some external damage. Depending on the damage that the products have, they are classified in the following categories:



GRADE A +: Excellent external appearance.

GRADE A: Minimal external damage.

GRADE B: Minimal external damage and / or slightly worn keyboard.

GRADE C: Several external damage and / or worn keyboard and / or small spots on the screen.


Desktop / Monitors

GRADE A: Excellent external appearance.

GRADE B: Minimal external damage.

GRADE C: Several external damages (displays may have small spots).